Strategic Debt and Financial Management

Debt management encompasses the entire financing life-cycle; from planning, through issuance and distribution, to ongoing compliance and maturity. The debt needs of the University are planned years in advance of construction and/or acquisition to allow time for the proper approvals, oversight and planning. The University actively monitors financial market conditions and consults with various financing team members to plan the appropriate type, size and timing of our capital bond issues.  Factors that may have an impact on the University’s debt rating and debt capacity are also monitored and assessed.

Bonds Outstanding as of June 30, 2018: $468,078,316

Energy Savings Notes Outstanding as of June 30, 2018: $65,224,374.65

Department personnel are available for consultation in the areas of financial review, financial planning and process review for University Units

By providing the following disclosure, North Carolina State University (the “University”) intends that market participants receive and use it for purposes of the independent registered municipal advisor exemption to the SEC Municipal Advisor Rule.

The University has retained First Tryon Advisors, a business of First Tryon Securities LLC, to serve as independent registered municipal advisor. The University is represented by and will rely on First Tryon Advisors to provide advice on proposals received from financial services firms concerning the issuance of municipal securities.

If a proposal received from a market participant will be seriously considered by the University, the document will be shared with First Tryon Advisors. The University will, in its sole discretion, decide which proposals will be seriously considered and shared with First Tryon Advisors.

Lori Johnson
University Controller