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Finance Division

Phone: 919.515.2143 —- Fax: 919.515.5121
Campus Box 7010
Mary Peloquin-Dodd, Associate Vice Chancellor, Finance and University Treasurer
Tabitha Groelle, Business Officer

Contracts and Grants

Phone: 919.515.2153 —- Fax 919.515.4693
Campus Box 7214
Justo Torres, Director
Roger Rainwater, Business Officer

Foundations Accounting & Investments

Phone: 919.513.7149 —- Fax 919.515.7374
Campus Box 7207
Erin Delehanty, interim Senior Director (for items related to Endowment Fund and most associated entities)
Libby George, interim Senior Director (for items related to NC State Investment Fund)
Marly Lee, Business Officer
Staff Directory

Procurement & Business Services (Purchasing, WolfCopy and Materials Support)

Phone: 919.515.2171 —- Fax: 919.515.3511
Campus Box 7212
Sharon Loosman, Director
Missy Alls, Business Officer

University Cashier’s Office

Phone: 919.515.2986 —- Fax: 919.515.1164
Campus Box 7213
Maria Brown, Director
Student Account Payments

University Controller’s Office

Phone: 919.515.3824 —- Fax: 919.515.2130
Campus Box 7205
Lori Johnson, University Controller
Arianna Williams, Business Officer