Meet FAI’s Associated Entity Operations Office

Written by Emily Lowman.

Foundations Accounting & Investments (FAI) is a multi-service central office at NC State University that reports to the Associate Vice Chancellor for Finance and University Treasurer. Under the direction of Sr. Director Erin Delehanty, FAI exists to support NC State University by providing exemplary accounting, investment and treasurer support services to the university’s Associated Entities and Endowment Fund. FAI upholds the mission of the Finance Division, striving for excellence with unwavering integrity in all that we do.

To achieve our mission, FAI is divided into two offices: Associated Entities Operations and the Office of Investments.

Associated Entities Operations supports NC State’s Associated Entities through comprehensive accounting, fund management and corporate governance services. These services include, but are not limited to

  • Routine accounting services (bank reconciliations, manual checks, etc.)
  • Audit, tax and other financial reporting activities
  • Operating cash management
  • Corporate governance oversight
  • Board of Directors and committee support, including attendance at board and committee meetings and financial investment reporting to boards
  • Gift agreement review
  • Fund setup and maintenance, including assistance with questions about proper expenditure of funds
  • Endowment accounting and maintenance
  • Assistance with amending existing fund agreements when the donor is unavailable

To learn more about Associated Entities Operations, including the entities we manage and the services we provide, please visit our brand new website!